Two women are working as interpreters for a group of people.

Youth and Family Connections – Deaf Mentor Program

YFC Deaf Mentor Program

The YFC Deaf Mentor Program connects families with Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing children ages 0-22 with Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing adults, called mentors. These mentors work with families to provide support, language modeling, community resources, advocacy, and perspective gained by experience about navigating the world as a Deaf individual.

Mentors serve as positive role models for DDBHH children, helping them grow their confidence, self-esteem, and identity. They also empower families to lead their DDBHH children in developing their full potential.

Language acquisition primarily takes place between the ages of 0-5. Deaf Mentors support, model, and instruct families on communicating with their DDBHH child during this critical learning period. Working with a mentor can help your child make huge strides in the language development that is so important for their communication and overall growth.

Services are free, on-going, and family-centered. Mentors work one-on-one with families, either virtually or in-person.

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