Did you know that Chicago Hearing Society offer FREE tax preparation assistance to those in need? In this image someone is working on their taxes.

Tax Program

CHS offers FREE tax preparation assistance annually to Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing individuals through its Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. Now entering our 40th year, the CHS Tax Program is the oldest VITA site in the Chicago area.

A pencil and a tax form. Who’s needs some help with their taxes?

Certified volunteers work with individuals to prepare and file taxes electronically through e-file. Volunteer interpreters work with tax preparers if they are not fluent in American Sign Language. Our volunteer tax preparers have taken and passed a course required by the IRS. Chicago Hearing Society has both basic and intermediate certified level volunteers. If your tax paperwork is beyond our certification level, you will be referred to another tax site for assistance in completing your taxes.

Individuals qualifying for refunds will receive refunds in 3 – 8 weeks. Chicago Hearing Society DOES NOT take a portion of your refund. Individuals will also receive tax counseling, including what to do if you owe tax money this year, and how to change your withholding amount to avoid owing a tax penalty next year. We have a number of procedures in effect to reduce the number of errors in preparing taxes, including electronic filing and quality review checks, in which your taxes are double checked before you leave our office.

Our tax assistance does not end after you complete your taxes. Chicago Hearing Society is available to discuss any problems with your tax return that occur after tax season is over.

For Tax Support, email: CHSCOA@anixter.org.

  • State ID or driver’s license
  • Social Security card or a letter from Social Security with your name and SS number (copies are acceptable.)
  • Social Security cards for all children you will claim as dependents
  • W-2 forms from ALL jobs worked in 2019 (MUST BRING W-2s for ALL jobs).
  • Copies of current health insurance cards.
  • Copy of your completed tax forms from 2019
  • Bank information or cancelled check or account number and routing number for direct deposit of your refund
  • SSA-1099 forms
  • INT-1099 forms or ANY papers that say “1099” at the top
  • 2019 alimony payments or receipts
  • Copy of the tax bill with the Property Index Number (PIN) on it if you owned a house or condo in 2019 and paid real estate taxes.
  • Any papers you received in the mail that say “Important Tax Information” on the envelope
  • Copy of Form 1095 if you get it in the mail.
  • Everyone who wants their taxes done at CHS must come to their appointment. We will not do taxes for anyone NOT present at CHS for the appointment. If filing together, Husband and Wife must come to the appointment together.
  • These dates are for income tax assistance only. Staff will not be available to discuss other issues on these dates. For other assistance, please contact Michelle Mendiola to make an appointment.
  • We prepare some limited Schedule C (self-employed or independent contractor) forms. We do NOT prepare Schedule E (rental income) forms. We do NOT prepare complicated taxes.

If you are not sure of your taxes, please call Michelle Mendiola at (773) 904-0155 (VP) or email MMendiola@anixter.org