Two women working as interpreters for a group of people.

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An older man is working as an interpreter for a group of children while a book is being read.

Now partnering with CaptionAccess to provide you with VRI (Video Remote Interpreting). Contact us for more information or fill out your request below.

New Customers

New Customers will need to establish an account with CHS. Please electronically complete our Business Customer Service Agreement and Credit Account Form. The forms can also be emailed to us at or faxed to us at 773-409-1544. Once we receive all approved documents, you will receive a welcome email from us with your unique account number. With that account number, you can proceed to our on-line request form to make your official request for interpreter services. For contract questions, to request our W9, or for banking information, please contact Karen Aguilar.

Returning Customers

If you are a returning customer, please fill out the form below to request an interpreter, or captioning. Please be sure to click "Submit" at the bottom of the form. If you do not receive a reply within one business day, please contact us at or Voice: 773-248-9121 ext. 312 or Videophone: 773-409-1544 to confirm that your request has been received. For emergencies, please submit a request online and call 866-251-0220 as coordinators are available 24/7.

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