A man is checking a woman’s pulse to make sure she is okay after an attack. If you’re a victim we can help you.

Victim Assistance Program

Scary image of a hand on a window with a saying that anyone can be a victim of crime.


  • Provide crisis intervention and advocacy services for people who are DDBHH and are victims of crime
  • Offer short-term counseling
  • Assist with filing a police report and working with the court system


A elderly man and woman with their arms around each other smiling because they received help from Chicago Hearing Society.

What if the crime happened years ago? Can I still get help?

Yes – Chicago Hearing Society can help you regardless of when the crime occurred.

What about family members of the victim? Can they get help?

Yes – we also provide assistance and referrals for victims’ family members or significant others, whether or not they are Deaf, DeafBlind or Hard of Hearing.

What about Trauma-Informed Care?

We recognize the signs of trauma, and we can help with trauma-informed care referrals.

What should I do if I am in immediate danger?

If you need the police or emergency medical care, call 911 V/TTY/VP.

Is there a cost for CHS’s services?

No – our  Victim Assistance services are free of charge and completely confidential.

Chicago Hearing Society can help!

The Victim Assistance Program offers:

  • Safety from abuse by assisting you to find shelter
  • Crisis intervention to help you in emergency situations
  • Counseling to help you and your family cope with your situation
  • Assistance in reporting the crime to the police
  • Advocacy to ensure your rights are protected
  • Support in working with the police and court system
  • Assistance in applying for victim compensation