CHS Staff

Karen Aguilar
Karen AguilarCHS Director & VP of Communication Access at Anixter Center
Michael Albert
Michael AlbertStaff Interpreter, Interpreter Services
Abigail Bensel
Abigail BenselScheduling Coordinator, Interpreter Services
Clementina Canessa
Clementina CanessaClinical Audiologist, Hearing Health Clinic
Amanda Concepcion
Amanda ConcepcionScheduling Coordinator, Interpreter Services
Michele Cunningham
Michele CunninghamAdvocate, Community Outreach & Advocacy
Cecilia De Luna
Cecilia De LunaAdvocate, Community Outreach & Advocacy
Melva Flores
Melva FloresStaff Interpreter, Interpreter Services
Karla Giese
Karla GieseCoordinator, CHS Youth Connections Program
Rose Hart
Rose HartClinical Audiologist, Hearing Health Clinic
Maddie Hinkle
Maddie HinkleCoordinator, Youth and Family Support
Seung Ki
Seung KiBusiness Support Coordinator, Interpreter Services
Octavio Martinez
Octavio MartinezScheduling Coordinator, Interpreter Services
Michelle Mendiola
Michelle MendiolaDirector, Community Outreach & Advocacy
Maria Munoz
Maria MunozPatient Referral and Scheduling Coordinator
Robert Nyczaj
Robert NyczajManager, Community Outreach and Advocacy
Jackie Perri
Jackie PerriScheduling Coordinator, Interpreter Services
Kerri Ruddy
Kerri RuddyScheduling Coordinator, Interpreter Services
Isela Salinas
Isela SalinasSupervisor of Scheduling Coordinators, Interpreter Services Department
David Schmidt
David SchmidtClinical Audiologist, Hearing Health Clinic
Tyler Sproule
Tyler SprouleScheduling Coordinator, Interpreter Services
Emily Weems
Emily WeemsScheduling Coordinator, Interpreter Services
Jason Weiland
Jason WeilandCoordinator, DeafBlind Program
Marijo Wimbush
Marijo Wimbush Staff Interpreter
Allison Young
Allison YoungScheduling Coordinator, Interpreter Services