A Chicago Hearing Society employee presenting on being a victim advocate.

Social Services & Advocacy

An older man and women are very happy that they were able to take advantage of the social services and advocacy services offered by Chicago Hearing Society.

At CHS, our mission is to provide support services to all those who need it. As such we strive to help individuals in need develop self-sufficiency, learn problem-solving skills, and integrate with their communities. We offer numerous services including advocacy, case management, counseling, crisis intervention, education and information & referral.

  • Help individuals identify and secure access to services
  • Work to ensure accessibility for people who are DDBHH to public and private services
  • Educate community regarding needs of people who are DDBHH
  • Provide income tax assistance for individuals who are DDBHH
  • Provide information related to all aspects of DDBHH issues
  • Technical assistance regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

For Social Services & Advocacy Support, email: CHSCOA@anixter.org.