Hear The Cheers Program


Sarah Spain and Eliza Peters, now a graduate student at the University of Mississippi, are thrilled to celebrate the 11th year of Hear The Cheers! HTC has raised over $340,000 and provided equipment and services to over 100 kids. All money donated goes directly to providing hearing aids and related audiology services to children so they can continue to participate in sports and activities. Insurance usually doesn’t cover the cost of hearing aids, which can make them a tremendous financial burden for families. We believe every child deserves the chance to hear their coaches, teammates, classmates and teachers. We believe every child deserves the chance to “Hear The Cheers!”

Donations can be made online and are tax-deductible, just click the button below to make a contribution. Thank you for all the love and support for a cause that’s so near and dear to our hearts.

Does Your Hearing Aid Need Repairs or Batteries?

We can help! Give us a call at (773) 248-9121. We also have Video Phone (773) 904-0154.