Hear The Cheers Program


In honor of the Tokyo Olympics, HTC is going for gold in 2021! With a goal of raising $25,000, we’ll fill in a ring for every $5,000 we raise. We need your help more than ever this year, as the pandemic has added challenges for the deaf and hard of hearing community, like difficulty hearing on Zoom calls and the inability to read lips when everyone is wearing masks. With your help, we can stand atop the podium as champions for our community!

Meet Our 100th Hear The Cheers Recipient

Receiving funding from the Hear The Cheers Program has benefited my son both academically & socially. Having hearing aids is extremely important for him! My son was born with bilateral hearing loss, so therefore needs his hearing aids to be able to hear & understand his teachers & coaches. He is a very active child that enjoys playing baseball, soccer & basketball.

I am extremely grateful for this program, because it has helped our family financially and more importantly it has provided the resources for him to be able to live a mainstream life. I want to thank the staff that assisted our family throughout this whole process. They were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. This organization made things easy without sacrificing quality. Our family will be forever grateful! – Roxanne, mother of HTC’s 100th recipient, Matteo

Now Sarah and Eliza, a rising junior at the University of Mississippi, are gearing up for this year’s 2021 campaign, with the goal of raising at least $25,000. All money donated goes directly to providing hearing aids and related audiology services to kids so they can continue to participate in sports and activities. We believe every child deserves the chance to “Hear The Cheers!”

Thank you to everyone who has donated in the past, your support has made a tremendous impact! We are counting on you again this year so that even more children will “Hear The Cheers!”

Donations can be made online and are tax-deductible. Just click the button below to make a contribution.

Hear The Cheers co-captains Sarah Spain (ESPN) and her mentee, 12th grader Eliza Peters smiling and posing for the camera.

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