Young boy with a man, learning how to use a caption phone.

DeafBlind Program

An older man and women are very happy that they were able to take advantage of the social services and advocacy services offered by Chicago Hearing Society.

At CHS, the DeafBlind Community Program is a collaboration between our community and state partners to create a dedicated service geared specifically for the DeafBlind and low vision community with hearing loss to ensure equal access to services and programs throughout the state of Illinois. Services are available at no cost and DeafBlind specialists are able to provide communication in a consumer’s preferred communication mode.

    DeafBlind Community Services

  • Provide advocacy for access and services in the intermediate Chicagoland region
  • Develop independent living skills
  • Support tactile instruction and American Sign Language skills
  • Educate community on the needs of the DeafBlind and Low Vision Community
  • Support service providers with training and resources related to all aspects of DeafBlind access
  • Community Outreach and Education related to the DeafBlind Community
    iCanConnect (ICC – NDBEDP) National DeafBlind Equipment Distribution Program

  • Free equipment and training for individuals with vision and hearing loss in the State of Illinois who meet the federal disability and income guidelines.
  • Each consumer receives an individualized assessment to ensure they are fitted with the best equipment solutions.
  • Equipment can include access to smartphones, tablets, computers, braille displays and more.
  • Obtain an application for the ICC Program at CHS’s NDBEDP Page

For more information about the iCanConnect Program and DeafBlind Community Program, please email Jason Weiland at or call (312) 957-4865 (Videophone/Voice).