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Audiology Services

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Hear The Cheers Program

Provides hearing aids and related audiology services to kids so they can continue to participate in sports and activities.

Amplified Telephone & Caption Phone Program

CHS is a demo site for the ITAC Program. Learn more about qualifications to receive free equipment.

Musician, Swimmers & Specialized Ear Plugs

Preserve and protect your ears! Learn more about hearing health.

Baseline Hearing Evaluations
Baseline hearing evaluations for adults and children help our patients better understand how hearing loss has impacted their lives.

Hearing Tests for Job Requirements
Some positions such as police officers, airline pilots and city bus drivers require hearing tests. We have the equipment to perform these tests.

Hearing Aid Consultation
When hearing aids are the solution, we work with patients to find a design that fits with their lifestyle desires, including appearance, features and price point.

Solutions to Improve Hearing
Not every hearing loss requires a hearing aid. We work with patients to find the best possible solution for each unique situation.

Custom Molds for Hearing Protection
We can create custom earmolds for a variety of uses, including noise protection, swimming, iPods and other devices.

Tinnitus Treatment
45 million Americans experience ringing in their ears and there is no cure. We have solutions that can help you manage and cope with your tinnitus.

Cochlear Implant Evaluations & Programming
When hearing aids are not enough we offer Cochlear Implant services in conjunction with the University of Illinois at Chicago Hospital.

Does Your Hearing Aid Need Repairs or Batteries?

We can help! Give us a call at (773) 248-9121. We also have a Videophone (773) 904-0154. We accept donated hearing aids and accessories, just Contact Us!