Amplified Telephone & Caption Phone Program

A Girl Scout is using one of the FREE amplified telephones at the Chicago Hearing Society.


Chicago Hearing Society is a demonstration site for the Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (ITAC.) The staff at our Audiology Clinic in Lincon Park provides demonstrations of amplified telephones, which are available free of charge to qualified individuals. The basic requirements to receive an amplified phone are:

  1. Must be a legal resident of Illinois
  2. Must have standard phone service in your residence (cell phone service is not eligible)
  3. Must complete an application which is signed by a doctor or other certifier that you have a hearing loss or speech disability
  4. Demonstration site, for the Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation, of amplified or captioned (CapTel) telephones
  5. Applications available; appointments recommended; walk-ins accepted
  6. Free of charge to qualified individuals

Applications are available at Chicago Hearing Society, or you can download a PDF version here. Demonstrations of the amplified telephones are available on a walk-in basis from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday; appointments are encouraged. To request a demonstration at a senior living center, church, school or other venue, please email Our staff is fluent in English, Spanish and sign language.


Chicago Hearing Society has recently become a demonstration site for the FCC funded CaptionCall service. For a limited time, CaptionCall phones are available free of charge to qualified individuals: experiencing difficulty hearing on the phone is required. Demonstrations of the phone are available during the same hours as the ITAC amplified telephone demonstrations.

A young boy is being taught how to use a caption phone at the Chicago Hearing Society.

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