Pediatric Hearing Aids

Nervous or unsure about your child’s Hearing Aid appointment?

CHS is here for you!

Children are unique. Some are born with hearing loss that is identified through newborn hearing screening and some develop hearing loss later in childhood due to infection, medication side effects, a genetic condition or exposure to loud noises. If you suspect that your child has a hearing loss, schedule your appointment today so that your child can be tested.

If a pediatric hearing aid is recommended, remember that young brains are developing rapidly. Know that pediatric hearing aids are more durable, are compatible with FM and assistive devices, battery cases are tamper-resistant so that your children stay safe, and often have an LED light so that you know the aid is working.

CHS audiologists can provide you with support and resources for you and your child, beyond amplification.

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    “Words cannot express how blessed we feel that such a program was able to help us obtain hearing aids for our daughter.”