A group of people at an event supporting Chicago Hearing Society.

ASL Health Resources

Breast Health Awareness – ASL & English

Conocimiendo del Salud de senos – En Español

Breast Self Exam ASL & English 

Autoexamen de senos en Español

Additional ASL Health Resources:

Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission – IDHHC
Deaf Doc
The Described and Captioned Media Program – DCMP
University of Rochester
Center for Disease Control – CDC
University of Michigan- Health Talks
Deaf in Scrubs
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Healthcare Disparities Deaf and Hard of Hearing Healthcare Disparities | Idaho State University (isu.edu)

Behavioral Health

What is the DDH?
Rethinking Mental Health


Understanding Cancer Language
Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Lung Cancer
What is Cancer?
Tests Worthwhile for Cervical Cancer
What you need to know about breast cancer


Delta Variant: Part 2
Vaccine Education
A Kids Book About Covid-19
The Difference Between Covid-19 and Coronavirus: Explained in ASL
Covid-19 Hospital Communication Access
A Message from the NAD About Coronavirus (COVID-19)
ASL: Get Treatment for Covid-19

General Health and Wellness

CHC’s Emotional Health and Wellness Center
Deaf Man walks across USA for mental heath awareness
Self Care is Self Love
Mental Health


HIV 101
HIV Testing Explained
HIV 101
HIV Introduction

Heart Disease

Sinai Deaf Health
How to know if you’re having a heart attack


Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure – Second Attempt
High Blood Pressure in Pregnant Women Soaring
Is your blood pressure being taken properly?

Substance Use

Deaf Health Talks: Getting Real About Drugs & Alcohol
Minnesota Deaf Substance Abuse disorder Treatment Program
CDC Vital Signs: Drug Overdose Deaths Rise, Disparities Widen
Substance Abuse

Lung Disease

Pneumonia – YouTube
Lung Cancer – YouTube


Deaf Weight Wise (DWW) Publication Announcement (ASL with Captions) – YouTube


Stroke. Think FAST | Deaf Health Talks – YouTube
ATD Stroke Warning Signs – Deaf health info signed in ASL by DeafDOC, Carolyn Stern MD – YouTube

Bed Bugs