A banner image of a smiling girl that says "We appreciate you!" and "Thank you" along with gold ribbon.

Create the full circle – give today.

Thank you for valuing communication and helping to bridge the gap between the Deaf and hearing communities. You’ve given generously as we rose above the adversity of the pandemic. You’ve championed our mantra that the people we serve don’t need to be fixed, but rather access must be improved. Most importantly, during this time, you’ve been a friend and advocate. Thank You!

Your support of the Chicago Hearing Society has immeasurably improved thousands of lives, and I’m profoundly grateful for your generosity. Thanks to you, the people we serve have the support and access to communication they deserve.

We invite you to make another gift today, because our friends and neighbors need your help more than ever. Nine out of ten Deaf children are born to hearing parents, but less than a third of those kids have family members who sign regularly. In addition, currently about 15 percent of people over the age of 18 report some difficulty hearing. By 2050, we expect that number to rise to a quarter of the population– 2.5 billion people. A staggering figure!

Thankfully, through your gifts to CHS, you’ve helped provide more than 1,500 hearing aids and evaluations to patients in need. You’ve helped supply more than 35,000 hours of sign language interpretation, ensuring the Deaf and hearing communities can communicate with each other. You’ve shown more than 5,000 people that they are valued. Thank you!

For questions or assistance with your contribution, please contact us.