A group of people at an event supporting Chicago Hearing Society.

About CHS

Advisory Council

The CHS Advisory Council includes representatives from the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Community, as well as parents of children, business owners and stakeholders of our community.

CHS History

Founded in 1916, CHS’s history is rich. Learn more about how it’s evolved, grown and its programs and services reach more and more every year.

CHS News

CHS is in the News! Read more about its leaders, services and staff!


Have you always wanted to give back? Now is your chance. If you are a committed and dedicated person wanting to give your time, let us know. If you are a good fit, we can always use the help.

CHS Classes, Workshops & Events

CHS’s classes, workshops and events are a wonderful way for you to become involved. From our annual fund raiser to sign language classes and our workshops. There is always more to learn and do for yourself and CHS!